Pencak Silat Guru Teaches Traditional Pencak Silat in Europe


Indonesian pencak silat becomes more popular in Europe. Gending Raspuzi, respected pencak silat guru in West Java, was cordially invited to deliver traditional pencak silat workshops in four countries in Europe, from 2-24 April 2016.

Gending is scheduled to teach Sundanese pencak silat in France, Grand Canaria, Ireland, and Germany. He is going to equip martial arts practitioners in the countries with Sundanese pencak silat skills comprising the styles of Cimande, Sera, and Ulin Makao.

Gending says that Sundanese pencak silat have been simultaneously spreading in the continent. He is planning to add more values to those existing forms as well as to introduce the developed forms of pencak silat to the participants.

“Pencak silat forms, like Cimande and Sera, have spread and been well accepted by martial arts community in Europe. Some trainees in Garis Paksi have been teaching pencak silat in Italy and Germany,” Gending shared.

Besides teaching Cimande and Sera, Gending will take advantages of the tours to bring in Banten’s pencak silat form Ulin Makao and Ulin Limbuhan, the stick-fighting art developed from Cimande. He will also demonstrate ibing penca, the dance of pencak silat, in front of children in Dublin, Ireland.

Before his arrival in Europe, Gending has taught pencak silat in a workshop organized by martial arts community in Brunei Darussalam, 7-8 February 2016.

Gending Raspuzi is the founder of Garis Paksi, an institute based in Bandung focuses in preserving Sundanese traditional pencak silat. He is also an active member of Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI) in West Java.

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