Las Palmas Martial Arts Practitioners Learned ‘Ibing Penca’


Gending Raspuzi with practitioners in Las Palmas.

Departing from Paris after his workshop in France, the traditional pencak silat guru, Gending Raspuzi continued his pencak silat journey to Las Palmas, Gran Canary, Spain, on 9-10 April 2016.

Gending delivered West Javanese pencak silat workshop to more than 20 martial arts practitioners at Claudio Conti Academy, the respected host of the Las Palmas workshop. The participants had been given opportunities to learn pencak silat in styles of Cimande, Ulin Makao, and Sera with Garis Paksi System. Not only that, Gending demonstrated and taught ibing penca, the dance of pencak silat, to the participants.

“I came out super-super happy of this seminar. All great people and they love silat. Many thanks to all,” Mateo Vera shared on her Facebook account.

The workshop also attracted Alexis Moreno’s attention. The President of Canary Association of Martial Arts cordially welcomed Gending in the venue and delivered his token of appreciation to the guru.


Gending has trained practitioners from various martial arts background. His arrival in Las Palmas had been a long-awaited hope for Linda Turci and Claudio Conti, the founder of Claudio Conti Academy and his trainees. They learned pencak silat intesively through Distance Learning Program with Gending for a month and then continued their intensive training with Garis Paksi directly in Bandung, West Java, for two months. They now become respected representatives of Garis Paksi to Italy and Spain.

“We are proud to host the pencak silat workshop and warmly welcome our master Gending Raspuzi, Founder of Garis Paksi and the expert of Sundanese pencak silat to our academy,” shared Claudio on his Facebook page.

After Las Palmas, Gending is scheduled to teach traditional pencak silat in Dublin, Ireland (16-17/4). He is also going to see other Garis Paksi representatives and martial arts communities in Hannover, Germany on 23-24 April.

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