Procedures of Distance Learning


We provide a precious opportunity to those living outside Indonesia and those who wish to learn and practice Pencak Silat of Garis Paksi without having face-to-face sessions with their trainer. Since this program is specifically designed only for those who live beyond Indonesian geographical areas, therefore we ‘train’ you through our videos.

Advantages of attending the program

  1. Training material is systematically designed so that it will be easily learned.
  2. During the training, you are kindly pleased to consult the trainer by e-mail, Facebook Messengger, or WhatsApp Messenger.
  3. You can decide your own training schedule without any restrictions.
  4. When you are convinced that you master the material provided, you can propose to have a promotion to a higher level at anytime.
  5. Send a video via e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp Messenger which show us how you perform the material /techniques in your level.

Procedures Distance Learning Program

There are 2 types of programs:

  • Pencak Silat Self Defense / JAWARA PROGRAM (Level Dasar 1, Level Dasar 2, and Level Jawara 1 to Level Jawara 4). More info
  • Pencak Silat Kembangan / SANTIKA PROGRAM ( Level Dasar 1, Level Dasar 2, and Level Santika 1 to Level Santika 4 ). Kembangan or Ibing Penca is range of Pencak Silat movements combined with traditional gamelan music. More info


  • First of all, you have to fill the the complete data below:

Full name
Place and date of birth
Complete Address
E-mail address/phone number
Height and weight /uniform size
Martial art back ground
Buy Garis Paksi Uniform (clothes + belt + sarong + ikat kepala) and Tutorial DVD. The price is USD 75.

  • Choose Pencak Silat JAWARA PROGRAM or SANTIKA PROGRAM. You can select one program or choose both. You can follow two types of Jawara Program and Santika Program at the same time.
  • Each level is done once the evaluation.
  • The instructions and explanations are sent each level via e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp Messenger. If there are lessons that are not clear, you can ask directly to instructor.
  • You have to learn the material in one level with indefinitely. According to your ability.
  • You can take exams to move up to the next level, at least 3 monthssince you register in this program.
  • If you’ve mastered the material in that level and ready for evaluation, send recorded video clips via e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp Messenger.
  • We will evaluate them and correct any wrong show.
  • If you passed the level, then you can proceed to the next level.
  • When you passed all levels, you will be given a Certificate’s Instructor.
  • Payment is made at the beginning of exercise through Western Union or directly transfer to bank account:
  1. PayPal:
  2. Western Union:
    Name: Gending Raspuzi
    Address: Jl. Gegerkalong Tengah No. 93
    City: Bandung
    Post code: 40153
    Province: Jawa Barat
    County: Indonesia.


Register yourself through e-mail, Whatsapp at +62-857-2053-3007, or Facebook Messenger at Abah Gending Raspuzi

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