History of Garis Paksi

Gending Raspuzi founded this institute in Tasikmalaya on 9th February 1997 just when Islamic Festival Iedul Fitri-1 Syawal 1417 H was celebrated.

Garis Paksi is widely open to anyone who wants to join the institute regardless his/her martial art background, schools or style. Basically, those who have great concern on pencak silat are warmly welcome to apply for a membership in Garis Paksi without releasing their martial art school memberships.

Garis Paksi is concerned with the fact that pencak silat is one of world precious heritage which we, as cultural heritage successors, should necessarily maintain, preserve and develop pencak silat. This is due to the reason that we will also become ‘predecessors’ or ‘ancestors’ in the future for our children. Therefore we should try hard to inherit pencak silat to young generations as a form of our responsibility to our predecessors.

Pencak silat is heirloom inherited by the ancestors. The heirloom is certainly to be well-maintained, however it is also believed that, as ‘a science’, pencak silat is a process which has a meaning of a never-ending development or search of finding ‘a more perfect direction or form’.

Pencak silat stretching over Sundanese land [now, it is divided into West Java and Banten provinces] is ‘abundant’ and uniquely various. This traditional martial art material can be explored in terms of developing physical, psychological as well as sensing sides attached to philosophy of pencak silat. Personal experiences of having learned various pencak silat styles from many schools and teachers/masters since 1976 have driven me to set up Garis Paksi. This is due to the finding that there are a lot of styles spreading over the Sundanese land and, at the same time, there is a fear that this precious heirloom will be gradually vanished if systematic and well-planned efforts in inheriting it to young generations are not taken.

Since Garis Paksi was founded, there have been a lot of training activities held for public such as school teachers, members of pencak silat schools, private as well as public organisations and those who want to learn pencak silat. Previously, Garis Paksi only provided selected materials of training called ‘a package’ e.g. standard stance or kata in Karate, pencak dance, practical applications for self defence, basic pencak silat, Ulin Makao style, and other ‘packages’.  Since 2007 the founder has set up a more systematic training curriculum of pencak silat, which covers all aspects of pencak silat.

The founder, Gending Raspuzi, expects that Garis Paksi be a forum for extending friendship, sports, art, achievement, and expanding horizon on pencak silat. It is also expected that the missions of Garis Paksi in preserving, developing, and inheriting pencak silat to the young generations be accomplished.