Letter of Recognition


Claudio Conti from Italy rewarded with a certificate by Garis Paksi

If you want to get a Letter of Recognition as Guru Besar / Grand Master in your school which Indonesian Pencak Silat elements are included, please contact us with the following requirements:

  • Send a martial arts curriculum vitae.
  • Submit a video demonstrating the Pencak Silat techniques/movements.
  • Send a video which shows you are teaching at least 10 students.
  • Your video can be sent by e-mail on garispaksi@gmail.com. You can also provide a video link or directly send the files to following address:

Gending Raspuzi

Jl. Gegerkalong Tengah No. 93

Bandung, Indonesia 40153

  • We will decide whether you are eligible to get Grand Master title. If we’ve decided that you are eligible, you can send the payment.
  • We will immediately send the Letter of Recognition to the address you have specified.
  • The price does not include the cost of postage.

For more information, please contact  via email to: garispaksi@gmail.com.