Ulin Golok Program

In this program you will learn basic of Sundanese machete fighting arts.

The course material files will be sent to the Telegram Group. Live training will be carried out through the Zoom Meeting application. In the Telegram group you can send a video of the results of the exercise to be corrected. There are two levels and no examination in this program. Certificate as participant available.


You can choose:
1. Regular class, Online training for new participants opens with an indefinite time. Training fee 125  USD / level (8-12 meetings).
2. Private class, participants consist of 1-3 people. Training fee 50 USD / class / hour.
3. Group class, participants consist of 4-10 people. Training fee 100 USD / class / hour.


Level 1:

  1. Basics movements of single golok.
  2. Basic steps.
  3. Combination of single golok movements.

Regular Class training fee: 125 USD

Level  2:

  1. Basic movements of double golok
  2. Combination of double golok movements
  3. Application of golok movements

Regular Class training fee: 125 USD